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AOTUO brand tire mobile screw ship unloader provided by HZAT to Philippine customers was successfully put into production!


On the Christmas Day of 2022, Hangzhou Aotuo Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as HZAT) sent a Christmas gift to Lifthigh Development Corporation of the Philippines - Two AOTUO brand tire mobile screw ship unloaders were successfully commissioned and put into production.



This is another "The Belt and Road initiative" project completed by HZAT under the influence of the severe COVID-19, which shows the contract performance ability of HZAT under the impact of unexpected adverse factors.With the support and the Philippine of Filipino customers, the two parties worked together to overcome the difficulties and finally overcome the COVID-19 and ushered in new market opportunities.


The Project is located at Bataan Orion Wharf not far from Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It is an EP project with an annual transfer capacity of 1 million tons of environment-friendly building materials and powders, which is undertaken by HZAT to to provide process design, equipment manufacturing, equipment installation, commissioning and training services.The project consists of two Aotuo brand ATXL300C tire mobile screw ship unloaders (300t/h) for unloading 30000DWT ships as the main engine, three 15000 ton steel plate warehouses+one 20000 ton steel plate warehouse+three sets of bag packaging machine system and two sets of ton bag packaging systems.The whole system adheres to the design concept of green environmental protection development advocated by HAZT, and the entire transportation system, loading and distribution system and bag packaging system are designed according to the latest local environmental protection standards, with a high degree of automation.



The two tire mobile screw ship unloaders are the first domestic tire mobile continuous screw ship unloaders independently developed by HZAT with independent intellectual property rights. They have high technical content and strict safety control requirements. The innovative design of ship unloader tire movement can be flexibly applied to the seaport terminals without installation tracks or fixed base port machinery equipment. When not in operation, the ship unloader can be moved to a suitable location outside the terminal, improving the use efficiency of the terminal, and providing more options for the port terminals with various types of materials to be loaded and unloaded, various types of port machinery.




The successful production of AOTUO brand tire screw ship unloader marks another big step for HZAT to follow the national strategy-The Belt and Road initiative" to expand overseas markets, and opens a new journey for the internationalization of HZAT in the post COVID-19 era!