2020 4th International Conference on Green Composite Materials and Nanotechnology
Nikolay Lyakhov

Nikolay Lyakhov

Ziad MOUMNI is Professor of mechanical engineering, deputy head of the Department of Mechanics, leader of the research group “matériaux et structures” (MS) and head of the “Pôle transport” at ENSTA ParisTech. He holds a Ph.D in non-linear mechanics, (LMS Ecole polytechnique, 1995) and a HDR « habilitation à diriger les recherches » in engineering sciences from the university Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris 6 (2009). His research fields deal with the theoretical and numerical modeling of the behavior, fatigue and fracture of non-linear materials and structures presenting multi-physics and thermo- mechanical coupling, namely smart materials and structures. In 2000, he created the research group MS which is today internationally recognized for

its activities in the field of smart materials and structures. He is involved in many industrial applications in the field of transportation and energy (PSA, SNCF, CNES, CEA, EDF, SNECMA, Renault). He published more than 80 papers in international journals (IJP, JMPS, IJSS, SMS, IJF, IJES etc.). He is a foreign expert in China and holds since May 2012 the position of visiting Professor at the Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an. In 2015 Professor Ziad MOUMNI was rewarded by "The People's Republic of China Friendship Award”.[K1]   

 [K1]Ziad MOUMNI是机械工程系教授,力学系副主任,研究组“材料和结构”(MS)的负责人,以及ENSTA ParisTech的“运输杆”负责人。他拥有非线性力学博士学位(LMS理工学院,1995)和来自皮埃尔-玛丽居里大学,巴黎六校工程科学的HDR赋予直接研究权力(2009年)。他的研究领域涉及非线性材料的行为,疲劳和断裂的理论和数值模拟以及呈现多物理和热机械耦合的结构,即智能材料和结构。 2000年,他创立了MS研究小组,该小组目前已获得国际认可它在智能材料和结构领域的活动。他参与了运输和能源领域的许多工业应用(PSA,SNCF,CNES,CEA,EDF,SNECMA,雷诺)。他在国际期刊上发表了80多篇论文(IJP,JMPS,IJSS,SMS,IJF,IJES等)。他是中国的外国专家,自2012年5月起担任西安西北工业大学客座教授。 2015年,Ziad MOUMNI教授获得了“中华人民共和国友谊奖”。